Money-Back Guarantee

The small print, what’s covered and what’s excluded.

All our deliveries come with a money-back guarantee. If we deliver your shipment 15 minutes outside the time commitment requested at booking, we will, on request, refund or credit your account with the shipping charges. The following conditions and limitations apply:

  1. A refund or credit will not be given for delays due to the delivery address being incorrect. Exclusions also apply if the consignee is unavailable or refuses delivery. Likewise a refund will not be given if, for any reason, the package has to be returned to the shipper.
  2. You claim for a refund or exchange must be put in writing within 14 days from the date of scheduled delivery;
  3. A delay will not be deemed to have occurred if after you notify us we provide you with proof of timely delivery and the name of the person who signed for the shipment;
  4. Only one claim is permitted per package. In the case of multiple-package shipments, a refund or credit will be given to only those packages where the delay was experienced;
  5. The money-back guarantee applies to transportation charges only, and does not cover duties, taxes or other charges, including ancillary service fees;
  6. With shipments that are part of an extended delivery services (either domestic or international), only the portion of the transportation provided directly by us will be eligible for claim;
  7. Goods found to be listed in our restricted items list will be excluded from the money-back guarantee;

Fair Play Policy
The money-back guarantee does not apply in the event of any major road closures, severe traffic delays and/or any incident which is beyond the control of the driver and that which has a direct impact on the delivery route. The spirit in which the Money-Back Guarantee applies covers all circumstances where Walsall Express itself is at fault for the delay. Those circumstances where Walsall Express is not directly responsible for the delay will not be covered under this Guarantee.

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*Money-back Guarantee

If we can’t get it delivered on time, you’ll get your money back.

See our full terms and conditions.

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