• Affordable Rates to Helston or The Highlands

Parcel delivery prices made simple.

Our pricing is really easy, it’s not based on the size and weight of your package, just on the number of miles we have to travel.

We’ve rethinked how we set our prices, to make it easier for our customers. It doesn’t matter how many items you’re shipping, or what their weight and sizes are, if it fits in our vans we’ll take it. Prices are based on the distance we have to travel, not the number of items we’re delivering.

We charge by the mile, and of course offer big discounts for our regular shippers. See our Loyalty Plans below:

  • Bronze
  • £1.37*
  • price per mile
  • One-off User (one shipment per year)
  • Silver
  • £1.28*
  • price per mile
  • Occasional User (one shipment a month)
  • Gold
  • £1.19*
  • price per mile
  • Frequent User (3+ shipments a month)

Pricing Example

  • Depart From Walsall Depot

    Depart from Walsall Depot

    5 miles

  • Your Label

    Pick up our shipment

    200 miles

  • Your Label

    Drop off your shipment

    205 miles x £1.19 (price per mile) =


*All prices exclude VAT. If delivery is less than 20 miles a £25.00 flat-fee charge will apply.

We’re always running special promotions and offering deals with huge discounts. These will be for a very limited period of time. Why don’t you give us a call and see what we have available. 01922 86 66 66

Massive potential savings, compare our prices.

See how much you can save with us when comparing against the major players.

Shipment from Birmingham to London - 132 miles

Weight: 150KG (100cm L x 100cm W x 100cm H)
  • TNT
  • £281.14
  • 41% Cheaper
  • Save £124.06
  • Parcelforce
  • £209.39
  • 25% Cheaper
  • Save £46.31
  • UPS
  • £351.30
  • 55% Cheaper
  • Save £194.23
  • Walsall Exp
  • £157.08
  • %
  • £

* All prices exclude VAT. Prices compared between 27 Oct - 28 Oct 2015 and taken from the supplier’s website. TNT prices taken from Interparcel.com.

*Money-back Guarantee

If we can’t get it delivered on time, you’ll get your money back.

See our full terms and conditions.

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